Found in Bangkok

This photo was taken at a nursery in Bangkok. They have designed this creative hut for visitors to rest and experience nature by planting creepers on the roof. You don't need expensive materials to built the hut. Creating the natural, serene ambience is much important. Visitors can just sit under the shade and enjoy the view.

If you look closely on the left side of this photo, they even hang a bird's nest which can be found in the tropical forest. While the wooden chair give a rustic image and looks cozy.

The below photo was at a scene of a market place selling plants. The price are just OK and they are selling variety of species, not only tropical plants. In the photo, you can see shrubs called Adenium obesum, with bulky trunk.

They produce pinkish and white flowers; also come with variegated leaves. Usually planted in the pot, not on the ground and believed by the Chinese to bring prosperity. Beautiful outdoor plants and preferable for landscaping at home.


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