Jatuchak Market, Thailand

A part of photos taken at Jatuchak Market in Bangkok has been posted under the title of "Found In Bangkok". Jatuchak or Chatuchak market is a shopping paradise for locals and foreigners. You can see and shop for variety of things such as clothing, artcrafts, jewellery, foods and plants too. The price considered as reasonable for tourists and can be bargained. The top two photos are the usual scene at Jatuchak Market. Hectic but worth it for shopping experience.

Since our mission is to look for plants, so we will show you mostly the photos of plants that can be bought at Jatuchak Market. We are uncertain about the species of this fern. The beautiful yellow spores surely highlights the ferns appearance.

Anybody dropping by this blog are invited to share any information regarding this post by leaving a comment; especially on this type of fern.

We will share the plant photos taken at Jatuchak Market in the coming posts. Hopefully you will visit our blog again.


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